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Local Community Information

Knowlege is Power.

Understanding the security of your investment is paramount.

Here I've provided you with quick links for area research for the comfort of knowing your environment. I suggest you use many other options for investigation of the area you're interested in purchasing your new home or investment property. Due diligence can never be exhausted for the security and complete understanding of your purchase.

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School Information

The quality of a school can greatly influence home values in an area. As a local expert, I can connect you with a variety of resources that will help you evaluate area schools. 


Public Schools in Orange County

Schools in Huntington Beach

Schools in Laguna Beach

Schools in Newport Beach


Private Schools in Orange County


Megan's Law California Information Site


Newport Beach Police Department - Neighborhood Watch


Laguna Beach, CA - Neighborhood Watch Program

Laguna Beach, CA - Recreation Activites


City of Huntington Beach, California - Neighborhood Watch ...


City of Costa Mesa : Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch Police Calls for Service - Corona del Mar


I hope these Sites are of great value and service to you.


While the Orange County Coastal area is highly considered a "Paradise" area to live in, Crime is a reality and I highly recommend you do your homework on every area and location before you purchase your new Home. Safety is always paramount in Life  


Awareness and Education wield Power over undesirable situations. 


Please be advised...

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Call for immediate information

for these and all surrounding area Info.




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